Credit Bureau Trigger Leads

Reach Mortgage and Auto Customers when they are ready to Buy !

Our Mortgage and Auto Credit Trigger Leads are “in-the-market” and ready to make a buying decision.

Mortgage Trigger Leads

These data is collected in real-time when prospective buyer completes a 1003 (mortgage application),  and the credit inquiry to their credit report gets flagged on the borrower’s credit record. The data is aggregated thru credit bureaus and we can supply you with a “trigger” file within 24-48 hours of the original mortgage application.

Auto Trigger Data

Like the mortgage trigger data, the Auto Trigger Data is created from real-time auto loan applications. Every time a prospective borrows applies for auto loan a their credit report is pulled and a credit inquiry event is flagged on the their credit record.  We can supply you with the auto credit trigger leads within 24-48 hours of the original automotive loan application.

You may further narrow your ideal prospects with selects such as specific credit, debt and equity attributes.

All of the credit trigger data is “live” pre-screened credit data, a firm offer of credit is required. Every lead with phone number is scrubbed against all state and federal do-not-call lists. A SAN number is required for all area codes in which leads are provided. Contact us for pricing.

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Trigger Data Pricing

Mortgage Trigger Data & Automotive Trigger Data is priced depending on number of leads received. DNC Scrubbed Phones are available on approximately 15% to 20% of the Postal Leads.

Daily Trigger Pricing

50 – 100 leads per day is 1.00 cents / lead
100 – 200 leads / day is .95 cents / lead
200 – 500 leads / day is .85 cents / lead
500 + leads / day is .75 cents / lead

In addition to the above rates for the Trigger Leads, there is a $1500 Sign Up Deposit to get the Trigger Lead Delivery Process started.

Here is the information we collect to get started:
Company Name:
Company Address:
Company Phone:
Principal name:
Principal email:
Company website:
Lender or Broker:

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Capturing High-Intent Mortgage and Auto Shoppers with Credit Trigger Leads from

In the competitive mortgage and auto lending landscape, timing is everything. Connecting with prospective buyers when they are actively in-market and ready to move forward with a purchase translates directly into closed loans and revenue growth. This is where credit trigger leads provide an invaluable advantage., the trusted leader in trigger lead solutions, offers exclusive access to real-time mortgage and auto loan applicants through their compliant, permission-based credit trigger leads. Read on to learn how their precisely targeted in-market leads can help you:

Reach Consumers at the Optimal Buying Moment

Leads-Online’s mortgage and auto credit trigger leads identify prospective buyers as soon as they start the financing process. By capturing borrowers immediately after credit inquiries from loan applications, you can connect when their purchasing intent is strongest. Capitalize on applicants actively exploring financing to get your message in front of motivated buyers who are ready to move forward.

Benefit from an Exclusive First Look at Qualified Prospects

Leads-Online’s auto and mortgage trigger leads tap directly into recent credit report inquiries, giving you exclusive early visibility into qualified applicants. You gain access to these high-demand loan shoppers before competitors, improving response rates. Be the first option loan applicants consider.

Align Marketing to Predictable Loan Research Periods

Consumers research loans for predictable periods of time before applying. Leads-Online’s real-time trigger leads allow you to reach prospects during typical research cycles for mortgages (4-8 weeks) and auto loans (4-6 weeks). Timed outreach during active exploration boosts engagement.

Deliver Personalized Offers and Content

Leads-Online’s robust demographic and contact data included with their credit trigger leads enables you to craft tailored offers and messaging that resonates with mortgage and auto loan prospects. Target outreach based on their specific stage in the buying journey.

Leverage Extensive Nationwide Coverage

Leads-Online compiles up-to-date credit trigger leads from applicants across America, delivering the geographic diversity you need. Whether your focus is nationwide or limited to certain regions, their broad coverage provides leads matched to your target markets.

Seamlessly Integrate Real-Time Lead Flows

Leads-Online’s credit trigger leads feed directly into your LOS and CRM to update prospect records in real time. Their flexible delivery options ensure smooth and rapid lead intake, so you can act on time sensitive mortgage and auto triggers quickly.

Improve Loan Officer Productivity

The high quality, targeted leads from Leads-Online equip loan officers with prime, loan-ready prospects. By screening for recent inquiries, their trigger leads enable LOs to focus efforts on consumers actively in-market, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Maintain Compliance with Permission-Based Data

Leads-Online’s credit trigger leads are Permission-Based, meaning consumers have authorized pre-screened offers. All data is TCPA and state do-not-call compliant. This protects your business and ensures regulatory adherence from the highest quality lead sources.

Let’s Look at Some Success Stories

Mortgage Lender Captures 33% More Loan Applications with Trigger Leads

First Choice Mortgage increased applications by promoting pre-approvals to prospects from Leads-Online’s Mortgage Trigger Lead solution. By contacting consumers who recently completed loan inquiries, they efficiently matched interested buyers with relevant pre-approval offers, resulting in:

  • 33% increase in loan applications
  • 65% application-to-close rate, above industry average
  • Expanded market share and boosted revenue

Auto Lender Sees 18% Lift in Loan Volume with Compliant Trigger Leads

RIde Auto Loans generates significant loan growth by combining Leads-Online’s daily Automotive Trigger Lead solution with personalized loan offers. The real-time lead identification enables timely outreach to prime prospects who have started the buying process. In 6 months, they saw:

  • 18% increase in monthly loan volume
  • 27% boost in loan officer productivity
  • Expanded footprint with nationwide trigger leads
  • Maintained 100% DNC and TCPA compliance

Credit Unions Grow Member Loans with Credit-Based Trigger Leads

Local credit unions leverage Leads-Online’s highly targeted Geographic and Demographic Trigger Leads to present pre-qualified offers to prospective members actively shopping for loans. The focused, permission-based triggers help them convert loan shoppers into long-term members.

Start Capturing High-Intent Loan Shoppers Now

In today’s competitive lending market, acting quickly on fresh, compliant trigger leads is essential for maximizing conversions and loan volume. makes it easy to integrate real-time mortgage and auto triggers into your sales and marketing program for immediate impact. Their exclusive early access to qualified applicants provides a proven pathway to increased market share and revenue. Partner with the industry experts today to cost-effectively acquire customers during their peak buying window.

Expand Your Reach with Political and Election-Based Marketing Lists

In addition to credit trigger leads, lenders and financing companies can generate new business by marketing to individuals and organizations involved in political campaigns and elections. Leads-Online offers numerous political and election-based marketing lists to help you connect with politically engaged prospects when they are most active.

The Leads-Online political marketing list enables you to reach voters passionate about issues important to your brand. Segment lists by voter history, demographics, geography, party affiliation, and more to target likely supporters. Sync outreach with the election cycle for optimal timing.

Build Your Pipeline with Sweepstakes Leads

Sweepstakes entrants represent a highly responsive audience open to promotions. Leads-Online’s sweepstakes leads include consumers who regularly enter contests and drawings. These eager participants constitute a prime prospect pool for lending offers. Present them with incentives to apply, like low interest rates or complimentary gifts cards upon loan approval.

Acquire Customers During Major Life Events

Major life events like moving into a new home often require financing. Tap into this need with Leads-Online’s new home owner and new mover lists. These up-to-date lists allow you to reach qualified prospects who are likely to be in the market for mortgages, home equity loans and auto loans related to a recent relocation. Capture their business during an active purchasing time.

Combine Holistic Lead Solutions for Greater Success

Leads-Online offers the ability to cross-reference and combine data for greater precision. Blend trigger leads with other contact lists, such as politically engaged prospects and new homeowners in target zip codes. This achieves higher relevancy for mutually aligned offerings.

For complete sales and marketing solutions, explore Leads-Online’s full suite of business and consumer contact lists. Their depth of data helps you execute integrated, omnichannel campaigns that deliver results. Contact their team of experts for a complimentary consultation on the ideal lists for your business goals and target audience.

When leveraged strategically, trigger leads and purpose-built marketing lists provide a multi-faceted way to connect with your highest-potential prospects at the optimal moments for engagement. Partner with to access compliant, accurate data and expand your customer acquisition efforts.