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Looking for high-quality new mover leads to grow your business? Look no further than! We understand the value of accurate and up-to-date new mover leads, and go the extra mile to ensure that our leads are of the highest quality.

With our new mover leads, you can connect with motivated and creditworthy customers who are likely to make a number of home-related purchases in the months following their move. These leads can be a valuable source of new business and can help you grow your customer base.

In addition to using our new mover leads for targeted marketing campaigns, you can also use this data to identify potential customers through other channels, such as social media or local events. By connecting with new homeowners in your community, you can build relationships and establish yourself as a go-to resource for products and services related to home ownership.

New movers spend more than $1 trillion worth of spending per year. At least 15% of population moves annually providing your business with great marketing opportunities. You can also selects those New Movers who have purchased a home by selecting  only Home Owners.

New Movers List Updates
New movers database is updated weekly and about 3 million new records are added.

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as low as $35/M with any selects

New Movers Data Sources
List data is compiled from public records and regional phone company updates, and several other proprietary sources.

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Connect With Motivated New Mover Leads Through and Major Relocation Triggers

A major relocation represents a pivotal life change and a time of heightened need. The moving process sparks an array of requirements across buying categories, making new mover leads an extremely valuable consumer segment. This article will explore how provides access to highly targeted, responsive new mover leads to help you align marketing to major residential moves and home purchases.


As an authority in lead solutions with over 60 years of experience, leverages their unparalleled data resources to identify motivated consumers during impactful life events. Few milestones generate as many financial and emotional needs as relocating to a new home. By capturing new mover moments, Leads-Online enables businesses to reach receptive prospects amidst major lifestyle changes.

The Revenue Potential of Serving Movers

Residential moves represent over $85 billion in annual expenditures. The typical household move triggers thousands of dollars in related purchases to outfit a new home. From furnishings and appliances to services and home upgrades, movers spend heavily to establish their new residence. Leads-Online taps this lucrative life phase, making now the time to welcome new neighbors and introduce movers to your brand.

Highly Targeted New Mover Leads

Leads-Online captures new mover leads during small localized moves as well as larger interstate and long distance moves to deliver targeted records on:

  • New homeowners – Recently purchased property
  • First-time homebuyers – Moving from renting to owning
  • Empty nesters – Downsizing after children move out
  • Job relocations – Employees transferring to new regions
  • Military relocations – Families moving for duty changes
  • Cross-state transplants – Moves to different states
  • Out-of-state migrations – Moves beyond bordering states
  • Recent transplants – Movers new to an area

Their deep understanding of move patterns allows insightful segmentation so you can align relevant messaging to specific move triggers.

New Mover Needs Open Doors

The needs sparked by a major relocation present cross-industry opportunities to provide solutions. Leads-Online’s new mover leads enable you to:

  • Introduce services to aid settling into a new home and community
  • Establish your business as a go-to resource for local movers
  • Incentivize initial purchases to win new customer loyalty
  • Finance large purchases associated with moves
  • Provide continuity and assistance during life transitions
  • Build awareness and availability to new residents
  • And more

Now is the time to proactively serve new movers and become their trusted provider as they adapt to new home lifestyles.

Robust Demographic, Psychographic, and Contact Data

Leads-Online’s new mover leads leverage extensive real-time public records and proprietary sources to compile deep consumer data. Their leads contain powerful insights into movers like:

  • Name – For personalization
  • Address – Identifies location triggers
  • Date of move – Shows recency and intent
  • Home type – Reveals property details
  • Marital status – Highlights household needs
  • Age – Allows appropriate messaging
  • Presence of children – Implies certain requirements
  • Estimated income – Indicates ability to spend
  • Purchase history – Demonstrates buying habits
  • Channel preferences – Defines best outreach methods

This robust intelligence enables tailored messaging to provide true relevancy.

Compliance You Can Trust

Leads-Online adheres to best practices in data use and consumer privacy, upholding rigorous standards for accuracy, quality, and regulatory compliance. Their permission-based new mover leads are TCPA and DNC compliant, legally empowering effective outreach. They undergo ongoing hygiene to remove duplicates, inaccuracies and disconnected contacts so you can confidently execute campaigns.

Seamless Integration and Delivery

Leads-Online’s new mover leads integrate easily with CRM and marketing systems through flexible delivery methods including batch uploads or real time API feeds. Their leads arrive ready to load into your databases and workflows to enable swift execution. Rapid deployment allows you to engage new movers at the optimal moment of need during a major life event.

Expert Consultation

Leads-Online’s team provides complimentary guidance to help you capitalize on high-value moving leads. Their experts will assess campaign goals, make data recommendations, and ensure you have the ideal new mover leads to boost results. They remain available to optimize ongoing lead programs for maximum ROI.


A new postal address signifies home and life changes driving substantial financial needs. As the authority in identifying and capturing consumer life event triggers, delivers immediate access to motivated new movers through their permission-based new mover leads. Contact their consultative team today to define an effective and compliant lead strategy timed to major relocations and home purchases.

Now let’s connect these powerful new mover leads to Leads-Online’s other life event solutions:

Acquire New Customers During an Election Year

Elections create a surge of public interest and spending.’s political marketing lists allow you to reach voters when they are most engaged. Their exclusive donor contact lists provide access to individuals passionate about issues important to your brand. You can target key segments like party loyalists, swing state voters, and newly registered voters for relevant messaging. With over 240 million registered U.S. voters, elections represent a major opportunity across industries.

Engage Participants in Online Contests and Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes entrants represent a highly responsive audience. Leads-Online’s sweepstakes leads include detailed profiles of consumers who regularly enter contests and drawings across all channels. These receptive participants have opted-in to promotions, making them primed for your offers. Incentives like chances to win amplify response.

Capitalize on Major Financial Commitments and Purchases

Large financial decisions often create additional needs to support major buys. Leads-Online’s credit trigger leads identify consumers who have recently applied for financing like mortgages, auto loans, and credit cards. Be the provider who helps them take full advantage of significant purchases with relevant offers.

Reach Qualified Prospects When They Are Ready to Buy

Leads-Online’s exclusive trigger event leads provide real-time insight into consumers demonstrating committed intent through actions like inquiries and applications. Their timely, compliant trigger leads for industries like education, insurance, real estate, and more enable you to engage prospects at their moment of peak interest to drive conversions.

Together, Life Event Leads Create Opportunity’s breadth of life event lead solutions creates a powerful capability to connect with the right consumers at the right times. Major milestones spark substantial needs across industries. Contact to learn how their specialized life event leads can help you capture high-value customers during pivotal moments.

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