Investor Lists

Online Investor Lists Source
This marketing opt-in list contains potential investors who have requested latest breaking investing and stocks market information so they can get various types of investment opportunity information.

Established Investment Brands
This highly responsive Opt-In data is collected from reputable stock trading firms and market watch subscription companies like Wall Street Journal (,),, TradeKing,,,, Pennystockgains, and other related investor and financial websites.

Make more money with Accurate Investor Data
This stock promotion and investor lists is composed of people who signed up within the last 3-6 months. Research show that financial investors make sound decisions and do not fall trap to impulsive buys. Most people experience advertisement overload fatigue after initially signing up for information. After little while people become much more settled, better educated and more responsive to investment and other financial services.

Comprehensive Subscriber Data
These records include a minimum of the investors name, complete mailing address, email address, and IP/Source Website.


Affordable Pricing – Great ROI
Our stock promotion and investor lists are extremely fairly priced.

  1. 5000 records – $550
  2. 10,000 records – $850 – MOST POPULAR
  3. 25,000 records – $1150

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