New Homeowners

New Home Owners Lists allow you to reach motivated customers

New homeowners and new movers are reported to spend 8-10 times more than an established residents over a two-year period. Grow your business with accurate and responsive new homeowners. New homeowners are great prospects for your products and services. They have demonstrated stability, disposable income an d they are creditworthy. Best time to engage these consumers is immediately after they purchase their home.  You need to connect with consumers who are ready to buy, and individuals who have just moved into a new home make numerous home-related purchases. New mover lists are perfect targeted marketing list.

Each year, 15% of the population will move, and movers account for over $1 trillion worth of spending per year. You can also selects those New Movers who have purchased a home by selecting only HomeOwners.

New home owners lists are updated weekly with about 100,000 new records every month.

as low as $0.35/M with any selects

Data Sources
New homeowners lists are compiled from public records and regional phone company updates, as-well as other proprietary sources.

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new mover home owner lists

New home owners lists, also known as new mover lists, are a type of targeted marketing list that allow businesses to reach individuals who have recently purchased a new home.

These lists can be a valuable resource for businesses looking to connect with motivated and creditworthy customers who are likely to make a number of home-related purchases in the months following their move.

New home owners and new mover lists are often considered to be prime prospects for businesses offering products and services related to home improvement, decorating, and other household needs. By targeting these consumers soon after they have moved into their new home, businesses can increase their chances of making a sale and growing their customer base.

To get the most value from a new home owners list, it is important to ensure that the list is accurate and up-to-date. This can be achieved by purchasing lists from reputable sources that regularly update their data and verify the accuracy of their information.

In addition to using new home owners lists for targeted marketing campaigns, businesses can also use this type of data to identify potential customers through other channels, such as social media or local events.

Acquire High-Value Customers with New Homeowners Lists from

For businesses looking to boost sales during major life events, connecting with new homeowners is a proven recipe for success. Recent movers who have just purchased a home are primed to make numerous expensive purchases related to their new property. By leveraging targeted new home owner lists, you can gain direct and immediate access to these motivated buyers right as they move in.

As an established leader in lead generation with decades of experience, offers the most accurate and responsive new home owners lists available. Read on to learn how their up-to-date mover data can help you:

Reach Customers at Their Most Receptive Moment

Timing is everything when marketing to new homeowners. Leads-Online’s new mover lists identify consumers right after they move into a newly purchased home, when they are most inclined to buy products and services. Within months of moving in, these customers spend thousands outfitting their new home. Leads-Online captures this highly valuable moment so you can make the most of newly motivated buyers.

Boost Sales During Predictable Purchasing Cycles

New movers follow predictable purchasing cycles that translate to major revenue opportunities. With Leads-Online’s targeted new home owners lists, you can align your marketing to anticipated needs for items like furniture, appliances, home office equipment, security systems, landscaping services, and more. Capitalize on expected spending patterns among a qualified audience.

Deliver Personalized Offers That Resonate

Leads-Online’s new mover data includes detailed demographic, psychographic, and contact information, enabling you to segment and profile new homeowners for tailored messaging. Speak to their priorities as new homeowners with relevant offers. Personalized outreach drives higher response rates and conversions.

Leverage Comprehensive, Nationwide Coverage

Leads-Online compiles new mover records from across the U.S. to deliver complete geographic coverage. Their frequently updated new homeowner lists capture wide-ranging local and national movement patterns so you can connect with recent movers anywhere. Expand your reach and improve ROI.

Integrate Seamlessly With Your CRM

Leads-Online’s new mover lists integrate easily with all major CRM and marketing automation platforms. Their flexible delivery options including email, CSV, text file, API or more ensures a smooth data onboarding process. Start campaigns faster.

Get Quality You Can Trust

Leads-Online adheres to best practices for list quality and accuracy. They verify and update data on an ongoing basis to remove duplicates, incorrect information and disconnected contacts. Dedicated list analysts plus advanced validation technology deliver optimal results.

Unlock Expert Guidance and Support

Leads-Online provides full service support to ensure you get maximum value from their responsive new homeowner contacts. Their team offers complimentary consultations, insights on best practices, list recommendations, and more. Their hands on approach ensures your campaigns succeed.

Let’s Look at a Success Story

ABC Furnishings sells affordable modern furniture online and in stores across America. To boost sales, they wanted to increase share among new homeowners furnishing new properties. By leveraging Leads-Online’s permission-based New Homeowners Email List, they deployed targeted email campaigns showcasing their stylish, budget-friendly furniture. These personalized messages resulted in:

  • A 22% increase in email open rates
  • 9% click-through rates, above the industry benchmark
  • 15% lift in online sales from new mover segment
  • Thousands of new customers acquired in just 3 months

The highly targeted, responsive data helped ABC Furishings cost-effectively tap into motivated new movers and generate major revenue gains.

Unlock the Potential of New Homeowners Today

The move to a new home sparks a predictable period of heightened spending. makes it easy to align your marketing with this lucrative life event. Their frequently updated, accurate new home owner lists enable you to reach receptive new movers with relevant offers exactly when they need you most. Partner with the proven lead generation experts to acquire high-value customers during the prime home buying window. You may be interested in credit trigger leads.

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